Fiktiv is a creative studio that designs and develops brand experiences across media. You will work with a strong and dedicated team of designers, developers and strategists. We strive to combine cutting-edge thinking, smart design and world-class technology in every project.

  • Strategy

    • Product
      Strategy &

      Consulting on business modelling, development process, features, functionality and design to go from idea to a successful launch to a sustainable growth.

    • Naming

      Finding the perfect name for a product, service or company. Formulating the brand's message in a tagline. Communicating through engaging copywriting.

    • Creative

      Defining and overseeing the creative direction for concepts, ad campaigns, text, design, illustration, photography — entire look & feel of a brand or a product.

    • Brand

      Defining the brand's essence, narrative, personality, promise, tone of voice, culture, architecture and positioning.

    • Communications

      Formulation of primary media messages and methods to build and enhance public visibility.

  • Design

    • Information

      Organizing content and information through structural design that enables usability, clear hierarchy and user-friendliness.

    • Web Design

      Ideating, wireframing and designing the user experience, user interfaces, web sites, web and mobile applications that create value for the user and the business.

    • Graphic

      Effective visual communications through design of posters, billboards, brochures, books, covers, flyers, invitations, banners, ads, icons, social media artwork, signage, packaging, merchandise and more.

    • Visual

      Designing all elements of a unique and relevant visual identity system including a logotype, symbol/mark, color palette, typography system, stationery and all other applications.

  • Technology

    • Server-side

      Fast, scalable and reliable solutions as foundation of every on-line project include top notch database design, optimised coding, standardised development process on LAMP platform, and quality assurance. Implementing industry standards provides for a flexibile development process. Secure backup and restore strategies, code-base revision, maintenance and support.

    • API
      creation &

      Feeding data to mobile applications, on-line solutions. Opening information systems and databases through API interfaces includes good functional and technical design as well as development of code. Knowing the core side of things makes integration of 3rd party APIs a simple task, but one that can significally add value in the age of intelligent data exchange.

    • SEO

      Content marketing strategy begins or ends in code-base. Clean and semantically meaningful code makes content accessible to search engines. Dublin core, meta-data, micro-data, sitemaps, data-highlight, automated text and media processing. Search engine optimization, term positioning, keyword density optimization, analytics, keyword consulting, reporting.

    • Web & App

      Applications, polished to the pixel, is where design and programming meet. Building interfaces, responsive websites, smart hybrid solutions, business applications, content management systems, on-line presentations, complex systems, communication tools, native mobile apps.

Selected recognitions

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    Club New
    York, YG5
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